TweakIE9, customize Internet Explorer 9

TweakIE9 is the application to add a personal touch to the new Internet Explorer 9.

A few days ago I spoke of the new Internet Explorer 9 Because there is already a special program for him. While the people at Microsoft wanted to give a new look at IE9Perhaps this is not your taste. So TweakIE9 is so special ... it gives you control over the appearance of Internet Explorer 9.

One option that gives you TweakIE9 is to change the appearance of the initial screen Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)For example you can tell by TweakIE9That IE9 start full screen mode, or you may prefer that the menu bar is visible from the start.


An interesting feature TweakIE9 is what allows you to set the navigation "InPrivate" as the default when you start IE9. TweakIE9 I love it allows you total control over the operation of Internet Explorer 9.

Download TweakIE9