Blogilo, blogging client for Linux

Blogilo is the kind of programs that Linux users who have a blog with many forward looking. Usually is seen on the Internet the question: "Is there a program that is similar to Windows Live Writer?. " The answer is always the same .... NO.

What do exist are free programs for Linux that are useful for writing blogs. Including one of the most complete is called Blogilo.


At a time Blogilo was known mo Bilbo, But in recent versions has been updated a lot and has many more features. One of the functions that may be interested in is Blogilo that lets you check the spelling. If you have installed OpenOffice or LibreOffice in your Linux distribution, then Blogilo use these dictionaries to check spelling.

Blogilo also has ability to insert images and videos, add links, specify tags (labels), and many more will discover to your work. Download Blogilo