Fix the battery problems after upgrading to 4.3 iOS

A week ago, Apple released the version 4.3 of its successful mobile operating system IOS, which brought many exciting improvements for users but also brought a problem that has been affecting and disturbing more than one. This is the battery performance of the device, because after you update detected a shorter battery life But do not worry as far from being a technical problem that requires an update, users have discovered that it is Ping which was annexed to IOS and has enabled Push notifications by default and thus is a constant drain on battery and then tell you how to solve this little problem.

The problem is not technical or software, therefore we do not need some hack from Cydia or wait for Apple to update iOS, just enough to go to "Settings" followed this select "General" and finally "Restrictions"In the latter this will have to activate the restrictions so that afterwards we can disable the use of Ping. With this, performance of the iPhone's battery back to normal or at least as it was in version 4.2.1. We hope this little