gmusicbrowser, music player in Linux

gmusicbrowser Linux is a software that allows not only play music but also manage all the files audio.

There is no denying that the Internet gives us freedom to download music files, it is not uncommon that when we neglect to have many gigabytes of disk space occupied with audio files.

How can we know what we have and where on the disk? In Linux we have available gmusicbrowser, A free software that has the virtue of manage all of our music. The creators of gmusicbrowser say that with this program you can manage more than 17000 files without problems.


If you have a team of 1Ghz processor and 1 GB of RAM, it is clear that gmusicbrowser will yield very well.

gmusicbrowser has a set of tools to search for files by title, author, style of songs. Also gmusicbrowser allows you to tag your files to find them more easily. Download gmusicbrowser