WinVisible - Hide Windows applications

There are times when you want to quickly hide a window when someone enters your room, when someone wants to use a time your PC and want to immediately close an application that you want to see this person or when you're updating your profile Facebook at work and your boss goes behind you. Depends on the thing you're trying to hide, can you get in a bind very committed and there are ways to make this not happen, for example, with a tool called WinVisible A nd not have to get nervous closing the windows or off screen PC.

WinVisible Gives us the option to close applications you want using keyboard shortcuts, a very interesting idea, since for example, we can conclude Mozilla Firefox pressing Shift + Alt + H.


The program offers a fairly intuitive interface with a list of applications that have open. In addition, we can select the applications you want to close when you press the keyboard shortcut by checking the boxes for the tasks.

Once marked the applications that want to close with the shortcut by pressing Shift + Alt + H to hide applications and Shift + Alt + S to re-display.

Hidden WinVisible both applications on the computer screen and the taskbar, so you'll never have a hard time unless the person using your computer at that time, press the shortcut set.

You can download WinVisible from the author's page for Windows XP, Vista or 7.

(Via: gHacks)