Amaya, create web pages approved by the W3C

Amaya is web page editor W3C official. "And ... What is the W3C?" - You're wondering.

The W3C is saying how they have written web pages to meet an international standard accepted by the major Web browsers. What they say is "holy word."

Therefore it is very interesting to use Amaya for create web pages, Since Amaya is "the" W3C Official Publisher, We assume that this editor is what is attached to the best programming. Well, in theory at least.


Amaya can be used by programmers of different web languages, including Amaya can support native code in HTML, XHTML and MathML.

To work with the images we can use the native editor Amaya SVG, which all translates into numbers instead of an image pasted into the body of the text. Download Amaya