Remove Malware Alarm

The Malware Alarm was created so that when your computer is infected generate pop-ups to try to buy several software programs. You can remove this malware with antivirus software, or you can do manually editing the Windows registry. You must have moderate experience with your computer if you choose to edit the registry, since a bad change in it can damage the operating system.

Instructions to remove Malware Alarm

1. From Windows click on the buttonStart"(Home) and open the application"Run”.

2. Type "regedit"In the Run window and press"Enter”.

3. Go to the log folder:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSystemCurrentControlSetControlMediaPropertiesPrivatePropertiesDirectInputIRDEVICEV2 & COL01

4. Finally, right click the folder "IRDEVICEV2 & COL01"Click on"Delete"(Delete) and then"Yes"To complete the removal process.