Windows 7 64-bit : advantages and disadvantages

64-bit architectures were created long ago for professional environments where performance and the need to increase hardware resources is essential to handle large flows of work and heavy duty applications.

The entrance to the domestic sector in this type of application (video editing, 3D modeling, database management to web servers, etc.) Has made almost half of users Windows 7, Has opted to install the 64 bits.


Advantages of installing Windows 7 64 bit

Basically and simplifying, Windows 7 64 bit install provides a higher performance data processing per clock cycle, better forwarding memory, ability to perform numeric calculations faster and the potential Hardware scalability Because as you know, the 32-bit Windows 7 only recognizes 3 GB of RAM maximum, Which in the 64-bit increases significantly.

Another advantage of installing Windows 7 64 bit software is compatible with 32-bit architecture, so many of the disadvantages of migrating to 64 bits are compensated.
On a practical level, install 64-bit version of Windows 7 will provide a better management of memory heavy applications and programs as video editors, 3D modelers, or any other program that requires a level of high hardware requirement.

As we have seen the benefits of installing Windows 7 64 bits are interesting, but not all that simple. Before deciding to migrate to 64-bit version of Windows 7 must take into account a number of very important things as the availability of compatible programs or what is even more important: your computer (processor, graphics card, sound card, network card, etc..) is prepared for this architecture and there are drivers or drivers to work on it.

Applications and programs: Not all programs and applications leverage the benefits of 64-bit architecture, that is, even operating system has a very powerful and effective, the software we use must be optimized to take advantage of these values, so otherwise get no improvement in these aspects.

To ensure that a particular program is a version compatible with Windows 64 bits, you can find on the official website or use the online tool Support Center in Windows 7.
Hardware Compatibility: More important than the software compatible with Windows 7 64 bits, hardware compatibility and availability of drivers or drivers for this. The first thing to check is that our processor is ready to work on 64 bit architectures. A good tool to know this point is the System menu of the Windows Control Panel. Note that 64 is present the processor specifications.

Hardware Drivers: As we prove that the components of our team are ready to run on Windows 7 64 bit, we need to update the drivers or drivers to adapt their understanding of the new operating system version.
To do this, you can visit the manufacturer's website and look for the package or 64-bit drivers also use the Windows Support Center 7. Remember that any time we make a choice of 64-bit Windows 7.

64-bit versions are, as we said at the beginning, ready to withstand heavy workloads and run faster than 32-bit versions. If your hobby your work requires more RAM or higher performance processes, install Windows 7 64 bit is a good idea. If instead you do not need much power, I recommend not to migrate for any problems or inconveniences that we have listed in this report,