MailStore, back up your webmail easily

As you know for some time many Hotmail users lost access to their mailboxes and therefore all of your email. Something like spent a few days ago with the powerful Google service, except this time it is not known whether they can retrieve e-mail.

MailStore, An application that helps us make a backup of our webmail service.

Although there are several ways to make a backup our webmail, depending of course on the provider that we have, MailStore simplifies it all for a couple of steps our email support if the POP3 or IMAP Used for mail access from external applications as transmission, mobile clients, or in this case tools.


To backup simply follow the onscreen instructions, taking the data at hand POP3 / IMAP email our service.

When you open MailStore will show up the following list of options:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Microsoft Exchange
  3. AVM KEN! Mailbox
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird
  5. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  6. Windows Mail
  7. Windows Live Mail
  8. Google Mail
  9. IMAP Mailbox
  10. POP3 Mailbox
  11. E-mail Files

As you can see MailStore not only allows access to any webmail with support for those protocols but we also easy access in certain cases such as Gmail and allows backing up customer already configured like Thunderbird or Outlook. Furthermore it is a completely free tool and can be downloaded from the Official Website.