Anim8or, create 3D designs

Anim8or lets create interesting 3D designs very simple, quick and easy. No doubt the "King" of free software to create 3D worlds and characters is Blender. But there are other simple programs and have the ability to create very good 3D designs. One such program is Anim8or (That reading it in English would be "Animator").

Unfortunately Anim8or seems not updated since mid-2008, but their functions are ideally suited to work on Windows 7, Vista and XP. Ie that Anim8or have a very program to get started in 3D design.


Anim8or has dozens of tools and menus to complete your design. For example, you can begin designing a sketch of what will be the character or object. Then we can add "wires" or skeleton to take shape 3D.

Once we Anim8to prepared the skeleton, we can add body and texture. Download Anim8tor