How to Remove Bediddle

Removing Bediddle is one of many so-called malware infections hijacker search engines. The malware developed this label because hunters redirects users to Web site ads and fake search system.

Look for something using Google or other search mechanism will take the user immediately where this will be bombarded by ads and pop-ups. The hijackers of search engines are mostly a nuisance and are difficult to remove because it is almost impossible to get an anti-malware site. The hijacker usually must be manually removed.

Delete Bediddle

Step 1.

  • Press "Ctrl”, “Shift"And"Esc" At once to activate the Task Manager (Task Manager).
  • Click on the Processes tab "(Process) and locate "" In the list.
  • Click to shading and press "End Task". Press "Yes" In the warning box that appears.
  • Do not restart the computer before completing this guide.

Step 2.

  • Press the Windows key and "R" At the same time to activate the dialog box “Run". The Windows key is between "Ctrl" And "Alt".
  • Type "regedit" In the box "Run" And press Enter". This opens the Registry Editor (Registry Editor).
  • Press "Ctrl"And"F"At the same time to activate the dialog box"Find"(Find). Copy "" Without the quotes and paste it into the dialog box "Find".
  • Click "Find Next". Expected to stop the search.
  • Press "Delete"To delete the entry shaded.

Step 3.

  • Click "Computer" "Start" Menu And open the drive "C:" (May be a different letter if you have installed your OS on a separate drive).
  • Double-click the folder "Program Files". Locate the folder "" And select it. Press "Delete".
  • Confirm the deletion. Finally, restart your computer.