How to download music on the iPhone

You downloading music on the iPhone to take full advantage of the capabilities of the device. It accomplishes this with the application iTunes App Store integrated into the iPhone's operating system. This app allows you to search for music and view details such as duration and the score (rating) of a song or album. When downloads music through iTunes, the songs are stored in the folder Purchased" The iPhone's iPod application.

Steps to download music on the iPhone

Step 1. Click the icon iTunes Store". The application loads and displays new releases on iTunes.

Step 2. Click the tab Top Tens"On top of the page to find music selections in the top spot on iTunes. Press "Genres"(Genres) to search for music by genre.

Step 3. Click the iconSearch"(Search) on the toolbar at the bottom of the page to find a specific song or album.

Step 4. Click the icon to download the song you want. Be charged a screen displaying the details of the song or album. If you are viewing the information page of an album, the price of the album will appear at the top of the page under the artist name and album title.

Step 5. Press the price of the song or album you want to download. This will activate the button Buy Now". Press the button Buy Now"To execute the purchase.

Step 6. Place your registration information in the login box that appears on your screen. Then click on "Ok". Finally, the song or album download.