Melinda Gates prohibits the use of Apple products at home

In an interesting note Melinda Gates, wife of the third current world's richest man, Bill Gates, recently declared that it is completely banned in your home using any Apple product. A bit childish, do not you think?

Although it is known that Bill Gates has banned the use of any Apple product within the Microsoft campus, is an exaggeration to claim that the wife at home also apply the same restriction.

Apparently if the children want an iPod have to settle for a Zune and despite the claims that Bill uses an Apple computer at home, Melinda said that such rumors are completely false.

The truth is that there is a news headline but it would still attract attention. Also, never understood much rivalry by Bill Gates, let's face it, I like Apple but they only have 10% of the market, not a competition but a bit more variety. Hardly call a 10% competition.