100% robotic surgery performed in Canada

A surgeon robot called DaVinci, assisted by a robot called McSleepy anesthesiologist, have successfully performed the first robotic surgery 100% in the General Hospital of Montreal in Canada. It was a prostate removal done a very brave patient, who thus becomes the first human operated by a totally robotic.

While it is true that the use of robots in surgery is used in various medical specialties for several years, the novelty is that this is the first time you perform a complete audit combining Surgical Robot and Robot Anesthesiologist, without contact direct doctor-patient during the operation.

And is that during surgery McSleepy was directed at a distance by an anesthesiologist, while Da Vinci was guided by an urologist, but neither touched directly to the patient medical.

Does the contribution? These robots are very useful for surgeries, especially for the precision of movement (the pulse is accurate) that perform the procedures.

In the case of robot anesthesiologist, its usefulness is that it is configured to calculate the exact dose of anesthesia requires the patient depending on the type and duration of surgery performed, also taking into account physical characteristics such as age, height and weight .

Would you trust a robot would operate? Before you answer, and as I reflect, I invite you to watch this video about how the Da Vinci robot ... But beware: Contains strong images that can hurt feelings.