Application to use Facebook in Windows 7

If there are Facebook app for iPhone, Android having web version of Facebook also, why there should be one for Windows? because the Facebook application for Windows is called Fishbowl With this application you can view and update your status, upload photos, add friends and browse around your profile and friends, and this is an application that integrates seamlessly with Windows 7 because it is an application created by the laboratories Microsoft to demotrar how easy it is to make applications that integrate with Windows 7.

In addition Fishbowl is an application with a very nice interface and easy to use, in fact I like design that the web version of Facebook.

With Fishbowl can upload photos to Facebook just easily drag and drop photos into the application, and another thing I liked is the integration with the Windows taskbar, it is easily integrated to show thumbnails so you can easily see what happens on Facebook when you're in another program without switching windows.