How to protect yourself from accounts theft Firesheep

A moment ago talking about a serious vulnerability that allows entry to the accounts of almost any social network like Facebook or Twitter with just one click using a Firefox extension called Firesheep And if you care about your privacy and are vulnerable in Techcrunch have posted a solution to prevent hijackers Firesheep your account.

Firesheep is based on the fact that most social networking sites using the HTTP protocol, because it is faster. To solve this we have to surf the Internet with Firefox and an extension called Force-TLS which requires sites using the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP which makes the cookies are invisible to Firesheep.

As extension Everywhere HTTPS Force-TLS allows Firefox to change from HTTP to HTTPS sites you indicate your preferences in TSL Force-This ensures a secure connection when accessing web sites and that unlike the encrypted HTTPS protocol HTTP user data, so if a program tries to get as Firesheep can not decipher.

Instructions for setting Force-TSL:

Download Force-TLS and install Firefox.


In Firefox go to Tools – > Configuration ForceTLS and then add the domains of the sites to which you want to make secure connection using HTTP.


Restart Firefox and go.