The best places for students on the net, No more libraries!

There are hundreds of pages of information that can help you to perform your tasks, but few have credibility. This is a list of the most reliable.

The internet came to oust the libraries. Think that many students are in the World Wide Web everything you need to supplement their studies. But how much credibility with the sites they visit?. If you're one of those people who are faithful to the Internet to have any type of educational information, here are the best places for students.

With them can help you find information and learn how to evaluate it and use it properly. Are the spaces that best serve you with your homework. This according to an article

Information Literate. Help to navigate and assess information is available on this page web of University of Idaho. The site will guide you through a series of modules that teach you to distinguish different types of information on the Internet, to locate and select research topics, databases and other collections, to locate and cite sources, and evaluate those you encounter .

Ipl2. This is a web full of "information you can trust." This is a site that is a fusion of the Internet Public Library and the Librarians Internet Index. Thousands of professional volunteers in information science in charge of maintaining the site, which has a FAQ section available 24 hours, 7 seven days a week.

Refdesk. It is a "reference service, which will help you verify facts in order to evaluate information. Operation since 1995 and has served many web dictionaries, encyclopedias, search engines and others. It also has a section for auxiliary tasks to help students of any grade.

Fact Monster. This space is designed for smaller, those who are not yet ready to sail refdesk. Its design is made for easy search and find data more easily, since it conforms to atlases, dictionaries, timelines, slide, encyclopedias, and a homework center.

Microsoft Download Center. It is a database that links you to thousands of programs for free download. Includes updates, online tools, developer resources, safety features and even games for your computer. A site to download files in over 80 languages.

Microsoft Student Experience. It is "the ideal site for future technology leaders, as well as offering resources for students and clubs to keep in touch. Has a job that refers to companies, and contests and scholarships to help develop their skills.

Internet History Sourcebook Project. From Fordham University and edited by Paul Hassall, Is a site that has a complete collection of public domain texts are presented to copy them, without having to deal with advertising or excessive design. It is exclusively designed in the educational use.

Novel Guide. Literary analysis of classic and contemporary books is what you can find in this place also offers character profiles, metaphors, theme analysis and author biographies.

Shakespeare Online. Every word and every poem that the world's most famous writer wrote what you find here. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss their works and find famous quotes. If you have problems in the area of numbers, this site will help you with them: from the basics through calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics. You can practice with exercises that will be judged and even play games.

Science Made Simple. Detailed answers to thousands of questions on science is what you will find primary and secondary students in this site that "makes science easy." News items, ideas for school projects and unit conversion tables will be of great help.

HowStuffWorks. On computers, electronics, cars, science, entertainment and everything you can think you can ask questions and find answers. His name says, is the site that will help you know how things work. Is complemented with news, polls and updates for all your answers you can print.

It is noteworthy that these sites are in English, but you can help Free Translation for substance, and that can translate to 10 000 characters and even the entire page.