Apps to change the name, size, format and more to multiple images - Easy Image Modifier

Do you have many images (for example, vacation photos, images for your website, etc.) And want to resize, rename, sort, align, change the format or add a watermark without using complicated image editing tools? Long talk about some program that allowed you to resize and edit several photos at the same time as Mac iResizer, Watermark Image TSR or VSO Image resizer but now I am going to present Easy Image Modifier I found most interesting, but only for Windows.

Easy Image Modifier I am sure that is exactly what you need and it is an application that is simple, runs without installation and can even perform more advanced operations that can be configured with a few clicks. It allows you to edit lots of images quickly, with images optimized for email, to be published on the internet or just for the purpose of saving space when storing.

The program offers many features such as: the ability to change the size of the images (where you can leave fixed a value for the width and height or by percentage), volearlas or rotate, rename the file, set a watermark text and also change the image format such as convert JPG to PNG or BMP. Other advanced features included are the removal of meta-information, change the disproportionate size of an image, you can choose a customizable level JPG compression and more.

The following video shows you how it works Easy Image Modifier: