Messenger 8 for Mac, video chat

On the day of yesterday, Microsoft has officially launched the long-awaited Messenger version number 8 for Mac OS X, Which can be downloaded individually but is also included in Office for Mac 2011, which is coming in today, and have included several improvements to enhance integration with office suite.

Thanks in large part to improved connectivity features and collaboration among its users, whether through videochat Calls, voice chat or always effective. And they are well targeted to leave the Messenger in addition to Office (as part of Mac Bussiness Unit) as they have not added anything to the other features that have always been hallmarks of this application: gaming and entertainment.

Draws attention to its interface, which has been retouched and offers a design with many touches of ribbon, ie aunt we look more similar to that offered in Windows application, which has also been repeated in Office and you're likely to see with a basic strategy.