BlackBerry Playbook

A few weeks ago RIM unveiled its bid to the market displaying your BlackBerry Playbook tablets that, despite seeing pictures and read the product specifications had not been shown in a demo of their performance and applications. 2 days ago during a conference for developers on Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash was a demonstration of this tablet and applications running Adobe AIR.

This is the first time the device is shown running and the first time we see outside of a computer simulation serves as the operating system and applications. And in general I can say it looks good.

Take several months for the output of this 7-inch tablet, and for the first time we see no wrong. It is however noted that despite their specifications, in the video it shows a little slow and unresponsive as well as Apple has used with touch devices. Besides that the video is already edited by RIM and cut it into several parts, leaving us wondering if it did not work as expected.