Know what happens when you block someone in Twitter

When you block another person on Twitter, what happens is this:

  • If that person follows you, automatically cease to follow.
  • If you have added to any list, you will be removed from it.
  • If you follow it, let's follow him.
  • If you have it on any list, will no longer be.
  • If that person tries to follow, Twitter can not and probably blocked you informed.

Apart from this, everything depends on whether you have your tweets protected or not.

If you have protected (use "lock"):

  • That person may not see your timeline (your tweets) in any way.

If you do not have your tweets protected:

  • If you try to view your timeline (your tweets) after having logged on to Twitter, and you can not see a message like the one you see in the picture.
  • If you have not logged into Twitter, you can see from the web all your tweets no problem.

In both cases:

  • If the blocked you mentioned, you will not read this mention.
  • That person will see your profile on Twitter (book, picture, bio, location and background of your Twitter page from the web).
  • If you keep your back (as long as that person does not have locked yourself), "cancel" the blockade and may return to follow.
  • If someone still makes RT, you read that tweet in specific.