Travian Defensive Gaul Guide

Gone safe and chosen to play defensive as a gual.... smart move. On travian its very hard to play defensive and offensive, so defensive it is. This guide below has been made for all levels of travian players and is aimed at the most modern travian server. Although experienced travian players can use it and this travian strategy guide can also be used on a previous (older) travian server.


As you have chosen to play defensive its obvious you wont get a lot of resources by raiding so its vital to have the best resources tiles. On day one your main aim on travian is to complete all of the travian quest's. You will be paid in resource's to complete the quest's and eventually upon completing the 22 quest's paid gold. Now after you have completed the quest's look to build up your resource tiles to level 3 and need not worry about wheat fields just keep them "ticking over". Although it shouldn't have taken you long enough to start getting raided if you are being raided build a cranny to around level 7. You get a double cranny boost as a gaul so this should hide plenty and stop those pesty teutons getting any from you! If attacks are persistent from the same player to teach them a lesson it might be worth investing in a trapper around level 3 and build 30 traps to ensure all of there troops are trapped please note experienced members only as we don't want beginners getting enemies already! You will have enough later on in travian !


You should now be well out of beginners protection and look at upgrading your resource tiles favouring clay. Also upgrade your warehouse and granary and make sure they are protected with your cranny. By now it will be worth build your palisade to level 5 and building a fair sized army, what ever people are raiding you with lets say 20 troops, build this amount in travian phalanx and some to try and defend of incoming attacks. Now again keep your troop count higher than the incoming raiders, and look at upgrading resources tiles. Once resources tiles hit around level 7, look at upgrading the warehouse and granary and cranny to hide those resources. Now look at making a armoury and upgrading your phalanx armour.


Now look into raiding inactive players around you, research theutates thunders around 20 and start raiding people with all the resources you raid build more horse's with them. Now as your army's grow look into getting your resources tiles to level 10 and building bricks works and sawmills to level 5 to help boost production. If you have found certain players to keep on raiding you focus on your phalanx and try to hurt them badly when the raid you. Once all resources tiles are at level 10 build a residence up to level 10 and build 3 settlers and look at settling in a 15 cropper near your local travian 7x7