Travian Offensive Gaul Guide

Adventures hey? An offensive gaul is a tricky way to play travian? Sure your ready to take on the hardest type of player on travian?? This travian strategy guide has been made for all levels of travin but it is advised this type of game that the player has experience (if you have none why not try playing as a defensive travian gaul?) This travian guide is aimed at speed servers but can be used in all other types of travian servers.

First of all just build up your resources tiles except for wheat, build them up at the same speed for instance all to level 1 then all to level 2 ext,
Progressing Forward

Your main objective at the moment is to get to level 6 resource tiles, whilst bearing in mind that clay is kind and this is the ratio you should use, 10:12:7:4. Once you are making a steady amount of resources, around level 4 to 5 ish, build main building to level 3, a warehouse, granary, marketplace, 1 level 10 cranny and a rally point level 1. You need to be able to store at least 6 times your hourly production in your warehouse.

Stop People Farming You

When people start raiding you, make sure they get nothing as if they start to get resources they will be back and you will be added to there "farm" list, If someone is constantly raiding you, then send them a message either explaining that you are a experienced player or will slaughter them in the later game, you must live up to your work though.

Advancing to Glory With Theutates Thunder (TT)

If you went well by the end of the 15th day all fields should be on level 6, now you need to upgrade your buildings so you can research tt's. Make sure your cranny can hide all of the resource you will need to save +1/3 due to teutons raiding advantage. Once you have enough resources. Now build 5 tt's and start the fun. Get raiding all people near you with a population under 20 and avoid gauls. Spend all of your resources on tt's and its worth an investment in a hero tt so you will need a heroes mansion for this. Now look at getting scouts, they are cheap to research and cheap to build. Get around 5 use 2 to keep in your base and then 3 to scout with. Once you have scouted them if they have no troops get in there and start raiding.


Providing your raiding is going well and you have at least 50 tt's its time to expand ideally into a travian 15 cropper. You will need to be fast though as teutons normally snap these up! Build a travian residence up to level 10, then build up 3 settlers, note you will need to upgrade your warehouse and granary to do this, it is also advisable to build up cranny's as well to hide your resources.