Travian Offensive Teuton Guide

So think of yourself as an attacking player eh? Well follow this guide and your enemy's will be left in your destructive wake. This travian strategy guide is aimed at travian beginners but experts can also feel free to follow it! Also it is based at normal up to date travian servers but speed and old travian servers are also suitable.

Your new day as corporal

As you first start you must complete all the task's and cost the military route. There is no point building troops yet as you cant raid people due to beginners protection. By now you should be around a good solid day into it and a few days must pass until beginners protection, so for the 2nd day upgrade your resource tiles on the 3rd day though prepare for war and build up as many clubswingers as possilbe, you should already have a barracks if you completed the quest's.

Beginners Protection Over

You should now start to raid people ideally romans with around 5 clubswingers a time, if you have more than 5 just split them up and send them to other people around you, try to avoid gauls as they are likely to be crannied up with traps. Now you should be upgrading your barracks to level 3 once you have around 20 clubs, and then keep raiding until you have 50 clubs, don't worry if people attack you just make sure your troops are out so they don't get killed and spend as much resources as possible. Now you need to take a step back and look out in your 7x7 and see who else has a big raiding force, don't worry about romans and gauls just teutons. You need to try and hurt there army badly so attack them and try to wipe out as many of there troops as possible, remember not to defend with you club swingers though.

Scouting Around

You now need to get up to around 100 clubs then build up your academy and build 5 scouts, leave 2 in base to make sure you don't get scouted and with the other 3 scout around and find out who's who in your local 7x7. Now you want to move up to 200 clubs and once you have raid out of your 7x7, and upgrade your infrastructure, such as academy, barracks, warehouse and main building.


Now you need to look at getting a 15 cropper, you will need to later on in the game to feed your hungry army! Get a residence to level 10 then 3 settlers, it is likely you will need to upgrade your warehouse and granary. Once you have got your settlers quick its your time to ponce and get your 15 cropper !