Travian Defensive Roman Guide

So you have chosen travain roman's eh? Will smart move, you can either play with them defensively or offensively. This guide is for playing with them on travian defensively. This can is aimed at active players but it very handy for people who struggle to get on daily. This guide can be used on any server, but ideally the newest travian server is the best.

Starting Off

The main aim in a defensive travian roman village is to have a really high production rate, so naturally once you have started complete all the tasks and choose the economic route. Before you do anything else after the quest's look to upgrade your warehouse,granary and resources tiles but not before your cranny. Almost immediately upgrade your cranny to hide 1000 resources (level 10) to ensure that no one raids any resources from you. This will try and detract attention from yourself and also encourage them not to come back if they are getting no resources from you. You want to have clay producing the most by 1 level then wood then iron then wheat being half of your Clay production so somewhere around 10:12:8:6, wood,clay,iron,wheat and try to keep this ratio. Also look to trade in the marketplace if you are running low on a particular resource for some reason.


Now once all of your resources tiles have hit level 3(yes this dose mean breaking the ratio rule!) , you will look at developing your buildings. Build your main building to level 3 and a rally point with a barracks, Note if you are offline for long periods of time (up to 9 hours) think about upgrading your warehouse as well. Now look at building around 8 legionaires ans star raiding inactive players in your 7x7. It takes around 15 full raid to get your resources back from a legionaire so try not to loose any at the start as this is what can help you developer a lot faster on travian online game. Now the key is too avoid incoming attacks and here's a tip at night time send your troops out on a long attack so they don't get killed of in the early hours of the morning. Once you have a reasonable sized raiding force (around 15 troops) look at splitting them up into groups of five, and spend 80% of raiding resources on developing barracks and marketplace and spending the reaming 20% on more troops. Now try to aim at developing resources tiles keeping the given ration before and look at growing towards level 6 tiles. Remember to upgrade your warehouse, granary and cranny as you grow.

1 Month In

Around a month should have flown by on travian now and you should be somewhere around level 6 resources fields on everything. Now as teutons start growing a lot in size, look at building up your barracks level and academy and look at researching and building a few defensive troops such as travians own praetorian. Look at building around a solid 30 defensive troops and also try to research scouts and build a few along the way only about 5. Now whilst continually raiding with your ever expanding army, look at taking all of your resources tiles to around level 10's. Once you start getting level 10 tiles, look at getting a brick works and sawmill and upgrade each to level 4 to really help boost your resource production on travian. After you have done this give your defense a boost with around 30 Equites caesaris, remembering to keep your wheat around half of your clay build a flower mill if it helps.


Now as a solid local player, you should look at expanding to another local village build a residence up to level 10, upgrade the respected buildings and build 3 settlers and the next thing you know you have 2 villages look at following this guide again for your 2nd village except in gore the raiding parts due to inactive players wont be around much longer !