Travian Defensive Teuton Guide

Defensive Teuton? Is there any such thing? Well we can sure try! this again is one of the hardest travian roles to play, sure you have got it in you? Well we are about to find out. The travian strategy guide below is intended for experienced players. It can be used on any travian server but is ideal on the up t date normal one, but can be used on speed and classic servers.

First Of All

Now you have signed up and the ball is rolling you need to complete all of the quest's you are given making sure to choose the military option. This should take you around a good day or so, once you have completed this on the 2nd day for your travian game choose to upgrade your resources tiles as much as possible favouring wood. Now on the 3rd day of your travian conquest, choose to build as many club swingers as possible and get ready for beginners protection to run out.

No Where To Hide

Although this sounds incredibly attacking fear not this is the best way to become defensive. Now you need to go out raiding low population romans as much as possible all the resources you pull back you need to speed on more club swingers until you get 20 club swingers. Now keep raiding and with the resources spend 33% on resources tiles and 66% on troops until you hit 50 club swingers now you keep on raiding and build up your warehouse and granary.


Now you need to build you barracks up to level 3 and academy to level 1, remember to be relentless raiding and use all of your resources to build around 20 spearmen, now you have a small defensive army, build up your resource tiles to all level 7 and build up your spearman count to 50 and build a hero spearman with all points going on defense.

Continuation And Expansion

Now you need to keep on building up your spearman to you get till around 100 and then you can upgrade your resource tiles to level 10's and get brickworks and sawmills to level 10. Now build your residence up to level 10 and build 3 settlers and look to expand to a 15 cropper so you can build all your troops up and store all of your troops in your newly found 15 or 9 travian cropper.