Travian Offensive Roman Guide

Starting Out

Choosing romans on travian at the start can be a risky move due to not being able to raid as fast as teutons and not having as good defense as a good travian gaul player. This guide below is intended to be used by all travian players but ideally should be used by an active player. This guide can be used on any travian server, but its best of playing it on a modern server t3.5.

Start out by following the travian quest's until you hit the economy or military route. Here it depends on whether or not you use gold, if you do not buy gold then choose the military route and complete all the quest's except for the last one. Choosing this route you should end up with around 10 legionaires. Don't worry about wheat at this stage as once you are raiding you can raid wheat to feed your hungry troops!

If you buy and use gold choose the economic route and build the marketplace then proceed and build a rally point and barracks using the ncp merchant at the marketplace. Then being to build legionaires and hopefully you will have at least 13 before your beginners protection runs out as stated above do not worry about wheat.

Protection Period Ended

As soon as beginners protection has ended start raiding people in your 7x7 with a population of only 9 or below, be vary careful not to attack anyone with troops and try not to loose any of your troops as they are so costly. Once you have started raiding people in your local travian 7x7, start hitting people outside of your 7x7 and split your troops up into groups of 5, i must not at this stage try not to attack gauls, due to them having traps which are cheap to build. Now build a cranny and keep an eye on how much resources you have in and build a cranny accordingly, should be around a level 5 or 6. One little tip make sure your troops are out all the time so if you get attacked you dont loose any. Over night send them to a low population village far away that takes around 5 hours to get there and 5 hours back allowing you a good 10 hours rest! By the first day raiding aim to have around 35 legionaire on travian and just try and keep the wheat positive. Now the start of the second day, wake up bright and early and keep on raiding with the same tactic. Now spend half of your raiding resources of your troops and spend half on resources tiles, remembering to keep wheat at positive. Keep this strategy till you hit around 120 legionaires.

Equites Imperatoris

Now start to look to research equites imperatoris, save around 70 % of your resources to prepare to research them so upgrade all the necessary buildings including warehouse, granary and academy. Do not build anymore legionaires now but keep raiding and put the saved resources away to research Equites Imperatoris. Once you have done so build around 10 and when an incoming attack is on its way, counter attack them with your horse's and raid him for everything they have got ! Note whilst counter raiding with your Equites Imperatoris still raid the normal suspects with your other foot troops.


Now you should look to build a heroes mansion to train a hero equites imperatoris when you are hitting your teuton friends this should help to soften the blow if they have troops in base when you raid. Now with all of your troops raid with your 100 foot troops and spend on building development and resources tiles. And when you raid with your 25 or so horse's whatever they bring back spend on more horse's remembering to keep in positive wheat. Now comes the expansion, get up to around 100 horse's then look to join a good alliance in your area, (ideally one from a previous travian server) then look at getting a residence level 10 and expanding to your 2nd village. I would look to move fairly local due to you can then send resources across faster and develope the 2nd village in the same way. By now you should be on your way to dominating your local zone !!