HTC Desire Firmware Update: 2.3.3 Gingerbread arriving at the end of July

Even one of the most successful models from HTC, the Desire, Will soon be updated to 2.3.3 Android Gingerbread. They have done well not to lose hope users of this terminal although only a few months ago we really thought that this update was done.

HTC Desire Firmware Update Gingerbread arriving at the end of July

Later tests conducted by the manufacturer then some Taiwanese have given positive results. So here comes the green light to upgrade to the latest release that the Desire for Android, the HTC itself said on Twitter, will be released by the end of July.

In order to have this update, however, users will have to give "something" and this something you think would be the interface HTC Sense but nothing has been confirmed. No other information was provided on what was said by the manufacturer but it seems enough.