The latest iPhone 5 rumors: With 2 cameras for 3D

The latest news on iPhone 5 comes from China, With a picture that shows the iPhone with a fifth-generation two cameras, Which would allow take photos and shoot video in 3D. This feature is currently only common to smartphones LG Optimus and 3D HTC 3D Ages, both Android.

The latest iPhone 5 rumors With 2 cameras for 3D

The author of the Chinese site claims to have received the photo from a friend in Shenzhen, the region where the factory is located in the Foxconn, A manufacturer of Apple devices. From the image we see clearly that 5 iPhone designs are identical to that of 4, At least as far back as the front there is a larger display.

The latest iPhone 5 rumors With 2 cameras for 3D 2

The doubts about the reliability of the news are many, especially if you look at the number 5 next to the iPhone trademark, which generally reveals the fake details. The original iPhone never return the model number on the body.