Razer Switchblade

Known as the creator of the gaming device does not make the Razer satisfied. Just look at his new tool Switchblade. You are invited to enjoy PC games in new ways.

Unlike the PC you normally use at home, or even a notebook that you often carry everywhere. Switchblade is portable gaming gadgets are set up for you lovers of the game on the PC. Smaller screen sizes, as well as with the keyboard. You will not find a conventional keyboard that has a lot of buttons. But rather an innovative keyboard that is able to read the interface of each of the games you play.

Razer Switchblade

When you activate the Switchblade, the keyboard will automatically recognize the games you play. A moment later, the display command interface of the game will ' move ' into the keyboard. In addition to the command, you can also use the keyboard as navigation or control when you play the game.

Behind this unique keyboard there is a display panel that allows the keyboard icon displays as you need at that time. At one time can function like a regular keyboard, at other times can be a controller for gaming.

To support the graphics performance and comfort when playing games, Switchblade equipped with the latest generation of Intel Atom processor which is combined with the graphics chipset. Own processor architecture designed specifically in order to improve the performance of graphics chipset higher, so comfort when you play the game uninterrupted. No news, when it began to be marketed Razer Switchblade.