Revealed: New Features for Firefox 6, 7, 8 and 9

Firefox five generations in one year - until recently, unthinkable. With the new system version, however, appears every six weeks, a new Firefox - Users must update your browser permanently. But the new system has a distinct advantage: The Mozilla developers have new features not wait until the next mega-update, but you quickly realize their ideas. And there are already plenty.

Revealed New Features for Firefox 6, 7, 8 and 9

Firefox 6 and 7 : web pages in the grip
With Permissions Manager is one of them at the door: Firefox 6 According to the plans will bring a new menu where you can define permissions for Web sites accurately. This defines for each address what data is allowed to use them or not. For example, you can ban Facebook or Google in such a way to query your location. Also the creation of cookies or pop-up window, you can stop.

Firefox 8: Against lame add-ons
Firefox is too slow, not necessarily the browser is to blame. Many add-ons or wasteful to eat lots of power. Firefox 8 intended to clamp down on by displaying their resource consumption. In the add-on manager to specify a percentage, how much the particular impact of enlargement on the start time of the browser. How the Internet Explorer 9 to sort out power brakes easily.

Firefox 9: Reset the browser
Whether messed up settings or invalid config values: In the worst case, damage to the Firefox profile. Even if you reinstall the browser, remain corrupted files back from your profile. Mozilla is therefore working on a reset command for Firefox, which resets the browser to its factory condition.
Besides these highlights, Mozilla wants to put even many small things that will improve your browsing with Firefox.