MS-DOS celebrates anniversary: ​​30 years of command-line

Who had done in the 80s and 90s with personal computers, will still remember vividly the command line, optimizing the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys or Word without a graphical user interface. Today celebrating the 30th founding father of Microsoft operating systems Name day.

On 27 July 1981-validated Bill Gates that is probably the most important purchase in his career: For $ 75,000, equivalent to today's purchasing power about 125,000 euros, was acquired by Microsoft head of Seattle Computer Products (SCP), whose operating system QDOS and named it the same day order in MS DOS. It was the beginning of an unprecedented IT triumphal march, which, strictly speaking, but had started one year earlier.

Last resort is the cornerstone of an empire

In 1980, the once relatively unknown software giant Microsoft by computer giant IBM was contracted to develop an operating system for their newest secret project: the personal computer. Was somewhat problematic for Microsoft, however, that Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Co. finished with the contract still no basis for a separate OS had. To comply with the schedule yet, they can then joined another contract, this time with the Seattle Computer Company. The fact had developed QDOS (Quick-and-Dirty Operating System) and set this now Microsoft.

An adapted version of QDOS was IBM PC DOS and it was again a year later MS DOS. Two software contracts accounted for a small backyard operation of an empire that still dominates the personal computer market almost at will. (Cel)