Delete unwanted parts from your audio files and merge multiple songs with Weeny Free Audio Cutter

Do you want to remove some sections of your audio files and do not know how? You have not stopped in time to register at school or at a conference and you want to delete the last part? Do not worry, because Weeny Free Audio Cutter is a free program that helps you in all this and more!

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is just what you need to edit your audio recordings and songs, allowing you to cut and even merge multiple files to form one.

The program's interface has been developed in order to be understood in all its functions at once, so if you have no experience with this kind of software you can learn quickly and intuitive.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter

To download click here. Scroll down to find the button Download for this program.

When you want to cut an audio file, the aims are manifold, as remove some parts or divide it into smaller files for better management with your default audio player.

To cut your audio files, click the button Audio Cut at the top of the interface.

Clicking the icon at the field Source File, Select the sound file you want to edit. The software supports formats mp3, wav, ogg and wma. Through the voice Target Folder select the destination folder for saving the final work.

In the area Split is the actual work of cutting the audio file. The modus operandi to be followed is very clear: through a movable cursor decide the start and end point to be cut. To select the initial part, after you place the cursor where you want the button click Start. To select the final part, move the cursor to the selected point and then click the button End.

Now click the button Add to add the previously cut piece, will be collected at the bottom where all the files to be cut.

To proceed with the cut, click the button Cut Now! The program proves to be well suited to create ringtones for mobile phones, because you can decide the exact length to be inserted in the phone of your favorite song. A classic example is when extract music from YouTube mp3 file is generated and cut with Weeny Free Audio Cutter.

To merge multiple file fragments, in order to create a larger, click the button Audio Merge.

In this case, the operation is much more immediate because you only have to add files, using the button Add. You can decide the order of the files using the vertical arrows at the side of the area where they are listed.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter allows you to insert also optionally meta tags, Such as artist name, title, comments, year of publication, gender and the name of the file.

Select the format of the output files, including those available by scrolling the drop-down menu File Format:

When you are finished, to activate the process of merging audio files, click the button Now merge!

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is just the perfect solution whenever you change the size and duration of your music files and audio solutions without resorting to expensive and rather complicated.