Convert Windows XP into Windows 8: 8 skin pack

The new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, Is now about to leave. They say it will be available in August 2012. Although there is still much we can anticipate a little by this new system and make our windows xp windows 8 installed. All this we can do so through 8 skin pack, a custom theme on Windows 8 for windows xp.

Convert Windows XP into Windows 8 - 8 skin pack

The theme is pretty good, mimicking everything we know about today windows 8. With the theme skin pack 8 you can turn your windows wx in windows 8, Transforming the main menu screen, navigation buttons, task bar, windows, and cursors. Your Windows XP will be pretty cool with these interface changes.

As you install the theme just like any other, and then restart the computer enjoy windows 8. Link: 8 skin pack