The best utilities for Windows 7

After failure undisputed Windows Vista (Since it surpasses XP in both stability and overall performance) Microsoft had to surprise with its new operating system. Windows 7 really did it, today we have some free utilities for this OS.

Windows 7 was able to attract new users and bring back customers who had left the system after the release of Vista.

Today we offer a list of ten free utilities for Windows 7

1. Windows 7 Utilities 4.0 - This utility helps streamline and provide higher performance and speed to our operating system.

In turn, includes a system of maintenance and useful applications for our hard disk.

2. BackUp Maker - As the name says is for backup.

3. FlashGet - This application is very useful because it allows us to manage our downloads including the popular BitTorrent.

4. Google Desktop - The famous most famous search engine tool for our Windows 7.

5. SIW - This software provides all the information on our system, but in a format easy for the average user.

6. BurnAware Free - Known program for recording CDs and DVDs.

Widgets for Windows 7

Windows Installer Themes - Free utility that lets you install or remove tracks for your operating system.

Windows 7 Start Button Changer - Application that allows us to modify the start button in turn can be used in previous versions of Microsoft OS.

7plus - An interesting program that allows us to get more speed in our daily work, we can paste text or content to the clipboard automatically.

WeatherBar - This widget shows the time in a specific place, the interesting thing is that it can integrate seamlessly with the narrative task.