The best applications for creative iPad

Although many still believe that iPad is simply an oversized iPhone, the reality is that Apple Tablet PC offers a wealth of features for its users.

In addition to offering the normal functions of any computer, iPad has excelled in the creative world, presenting an impressive number of applications perfect for such people.

If you think you belong to this group, here we iPad best for creative applications.

1. Phaidon Design Classic
This program allows you to create diagrams, workflows, templates or frames to sites, all supported in the design of IPAD.

2. Adobe Ideas
Basically to convert the iPad in a picture book, allowing draw anything that comes to mind in seconds.

3. WordPress
This application allows us to write, edit or delete entries in our blog directly from the iPad.

4. Sketchbook Pro
For all artists who use the iPad, this application lets you draw and paint any picture you imagine with an impressive amount of professional tools.

5. FTP on the Go
All tools in your FTP program iPad.

6. Quill
A program to draw with vectors. It is a good alternative for those who do not want to use Illustrator.

7. Masque
A great image editor.

8. Brushes
As its name suggests, this application allows us to paint using different types of brushes.

9. C64 Paint XL
For those who enjoy retro programs, this is the best image editor 80.

10. Omnigraffle
Like Phaidon, this application lets you create all kinds of pictures and diagrams to our work.