Motorola tablet Launches the end of February

The 2010 was a year in which tablets took their first step, not by being the first was short, but have become the best selling device in the world. Undoubtedly the Apple iPad takes a large percentage, but now Motorola wants to match the block.

The new tablet would be called Motorola Xoom And manufactured by Motorola apparently be released on February 24 at a price of 799,99 U.S. dollars.

The information was provided in an advertisement in the Super Bowl the end of football in the United States and most watched sporting event, behind only the World Cup.

motorola tablet

The press aide the company reported that no date for release around the world, but surely in the first quarter of the device is present on all continents.

The Xoom has 10.1-inch screen, Slightly larger than the iPad although the difference is in its processor, which is much more powerful and productive.

It also has two cameras, one front for video conferencing, and will be produced to match a market that Apple tablet leads to great advantage.

And when it comes from within, without any doubt that this tablet will integrate the operating system Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

In terms of price, officials say that the generic version will be competitive with the iPad.

The WiFi version connecting to internet by wireless networks first reaches the market and should be placed in stores in the first days after launch.

In turn, the 3G version will be available in their later, will be launched in partnership with mobile operators.