Create ringtones for the iPhone and Android

Audiko is very simple to use. You have to upload a song or paste the URL where it is located (you can use a MP3 search if you want). Then chop the part of the song that you like, which may be the chorus or whatever. Finally download. No need to create an account to do this and the files you create will not be lost even if you close the tab of the site will continue storage.

You can create an account if you're interested in saving ringtones so as not to lose later. And if you do not want to bite anything or find the MP3 you can download from those already available there that others have done. They have a top free ringtones with the most popular songs that already depend on the taste of everyone, but the good thing is that they are also separated by genres, so you will get many options for your phone.

They have a section where you explain the use of this application on Android or iPhone. For both devices have applications that allow you to make the whole process from the mobile and so the discharge is directly to him, and the whole process simpler and faster.