How to remove the address bar in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the browser interface with greater intention to minimalism, it is no secret that Firefox IE9 and were thoroughly rinsed due to the acceptance that Chrome had to have a clean and easy to use.


Well, if what you want is more minimalist yet, maybe this feature that can be accessed experimentally with version Canary Chrome build I like it as much as me. mostly if you have a netbook and the screen shows you the web easily with large designs.

To remove the toolbar with the official option provided by Google, you must follow these step:

- Download version Canary Build of Chrome.
- After you install and open, write in the address bar "about: flags and press" enter. "
- When entering the options we will search for "Compact Navigation" and press "Enable" and restart the browser.

After you enable this option, we have the ability to enable or disable the address bar to only use the right click and click on the option. Now when we need again to see the address bar, just combine the Ctrl + L and {this appear in a fairly small space. We have more room to navigate.