5 tools for backup and clone hard drives

How many times does not pass your computer crashes out of nowhere and do not have backups of your system or clone of your hard drive. So it is always better to have a backup available in case of emergency.


These are 5 of the best tools to clone or copy disks.

Paragon's Drive Backup Express (Windows)

This program is one of the easiest solutions to clone your hard drive. It has a very comfortable to use interface that guides you Through the whole process of the backup step. And while doing the backup in the background you can still use the system.

Drive Backup Express need a bootable CD, the user has to create.

DriveImage XML (Windows)

DriveImage XML a very basic tool. however, is very reliable to create images and logical partitions and restore from a hard disk or a different source.

DriveImage XML lets you use it in parallel with the system, while generating the backup. You can also do incremental backups. Additionally, images can be restored without having to reboot.

Clonezilla (Multiplatform)

Clonezilla is one of the most popular because it is cross platform and open source. Make a copy of a hard disk and to restore them later.

This program is very tricky to use because it requires some knowledge on these issues. To start a program is not installed on your computer. Downloads Clonezilla ISO format and you have to load it from a CD or USB.

The next step is to restart the PC from the disk you created, you may need to configure the BIOS so you can reboot with the CD you created.

Once the tool is running, use the interface is facial to start or restore a backup. TambiƩnse starts a sort of menu on the main screen, where you can see some options before you start using Clonezilla

XXClone (Windows)

XXClone is a program for Windows. With this tool you can create clones of self-boot a Windows drive and full backups of the volumes. Basically, you can make a disk image.

The interface is simple. When you start, the volume analysis tool available, you can choose a source volume and destination of the same. A direct link gives you access to "Windows Disk Management" which is provided using the search button diskmgmt. " Under the "Cools Tool" you can use options like making a car-boot volume, manage the restore points or create a batch file to save the current settings for future use.

In the Web page download contains a help file very closely the use of functions.

EASEUS Disk Copy (multiplatform)

EASEUS Disk Copy sector by sector creates clones of the partitions or hard disks, regardless of operating system, file systems and partition scheme. It is a versatile tool for a novice and an expert.

As Clonezilla not installed locally, instead of this you have to create a bootable CD.

It's probably the best tool for those listed here. The information on the website is very comprehensive and clear, including the help section is very detailed.

If you need to backup or clone of your hard drives and you have several options to choose from. (Via:Makeusof)