What is ActiveX and how it works

What is ActiveX

You've selected a video or a link on the internet and have seen a pop-up indicating that you need to install a free program called ActiveX Control. Perhaps you rejected is free installation thinking it was a trap. However, if you're more familiar with computers know that ActiveX is a legitimate program that helps different applications to communicate and work together.

Within ActiveX Control

ActiveX is a software application that enhances your Internet experience, allowing you to experience superior. Before Microsoft created ActiveX, Web sites could only provide information and interaction in a 2D level. ActiveX Control allows enhanced interactions at web sites.

The benefits of installing ActiveX

ActiveX installs very easily by following simple instructions. The software is compatible with many other programs that handle Web experiences, such as HTML and C + +. Unlike other tools that are not compatible with multiple operating systems, ActiveX can be run on multiple computers with different systems.


The importance of ActiveX

ActiveX is vital for those who create Web sites and Web content. Long ago, the coders had to write lines of code to create original Web sites, Web sites and then were not even remotely close to being as interactive as they are today. Now there are over 1,000 lines of code to exploit them and developers can create interactive Web sites. Currently, ActiveX provides a program with which these encoder can display their skills.

Java versus ActiveX

ActiveX is similar to Java applet. However, an applet is a program that runs periodically from other applications. An application can be launched directly from an operating system like Windows, but not applet can be launched directly from an operating system. As ActiveX is an application and not an applet, you can download and start it directly from an operating system.