How To Run Excel on iPad

The iPad has proved very useful for business applications. Many companies are considering adding iPads to increase flexibility and mobility of their staff. The iPad has some limiting factors that a traditional laptop does not have: does not include removable media or physical keyboard and relies on a network connection to move files. These obstacles are easily overcome through the use of WiFi, compatibility with Office Productivity software and cloud computing solutions.

Excel Software

Excel is a spreadsheet program created by Microsoft, which is part of its Office product suite. In its latest form, updated in 2010, the program allows the user to create a worksheet, workbook, dynamic graphs and charts on your computer. Microsoft also has an issue for Apple computers but has not yet produced a version that can be used in the iPad. However, there are some alternatives available for purchase and download from the App Store, including Numbers and Documents To Go Office Suite. Either alternative will allow you to open, edit and save Excel files.

excel on ipad


Although Microsoft does not produce a version of the Excel program for use in an Apple iPad, there are several alternatives that provide similar functionality to excel specially designed to work in the iPad. One of the best programs is called Numbers for iPad. This program is much cheaper than Excel and provides unparalleled interoperability, allowing users to store and read files in Numbers or Excel. Office Suite Documents ToGo provides an experience similar to Numbers and Excel, allowing users to read, save and edit the files to Excel.

Using the Cloud in the iPad

Apple provides integration with almost no problems, its system MobileMe, Which allows you to save the edited Excel and other files worked on an external hard drive in addition to the Internet. The advantage of using this system is that it looks hard disk iPad be cluttered with old files making it incredibly easy to access these files from any computer with Internet connection. It may also, matching Apple's Numbers program with MobileMe and easily share files between the iPad Excel and Windows based computer.