How to install ActiveX on MSN

ActiveX Controls are small programs that let you do things online, such as view animations or interact with a game. You need ActiveX installed if you want to play any game on MSN or using any other program. Install ActiveX is a simple, easy and simple. You can accomplish this in two ways, both ActiveX installed directly on the site of MSN games or download the application from your computer and then installing it.

Steps to install ActiveX on MSN

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer and visit Web site MSN gaming.

Step 2. Click the game you want to play. If you do not have ActiveX installed, the game will ask you to install it.

Step 3. Click the button Install ActiveX Control"In the game window. Then click on "Install"In the window that appears.

Step 4. Wait until the installation is complete, which should only take a minute or two. Finally, you can play MSN games without any problem.