Tips for extending mobile phones battery life

In recent times mobile phones have become small laptops that can cover any function of a traditional computer, which is very positive but also has some negative points.

Without doubt the most negative point of this is that the operation of these tools cause heavy battery depletion at a rate much higher than that occurring in older phones.

This is not a great surprise to anyone, because to comply with these new tasks teams need more energy and the reality is that batteries have not yet reached an impressive load.

To avoid running out of battery in the middle of an important call, here below some small tips for extending battery life smartphones, tablets, laptops and any mobile device.

1. Stopped

In those moments when you are sure you will not need the phone, either during the night, in a movie or an interview, simply turn off the computer, and that consumption is constant while the phone is on.

2. Signal

The signal is one of the most important on the phone, because if we are in a weak signal, the system must consume more energy to improve connectivity. Unless an emergency, in cases like this it's best to just turn off.

3. Vibration

The vibration in mobile phones can be very useful in certain cases, but the reality is that it consumes much more energy than the traditional sound. Changing to a ringtone and we are saving energy.

4. Screen Resolution

At any time you want to maintain the brightness below 70%. When the screen brighter more energy consuming equipment. Because of this, many new computers automatically adjust to outside lights and keep the brightness on the right level.

5. Sound

Although it consumes less power than the vibration, the sound also spent battery, especially those unnecessary sounds, which are basically all but the doorbell.

6. Applications

Thanks to the explosion of smartphones, applications have become the center of our phones, but the reality is that we usually use a few. To avoid burdening the mobile, it is best to leave only the most use and delete the rest.