How To Retrieve Windows XP key

Although Windows 7 has been an impressive sales success, the reality is that the Windows XP remains the most widely used operating system world, so that all your information is still very relevant.

One of the biggest problems facing users is the loss of the keys to log into their accounts, limiting access to our most important, so we decided to make a quick guide retrieve your Windows XP.

With this guide we can recover your key without losing any important file, and can even retrieve the keys from other users in the computer, something that should not be done unless you have permission.

Following these simple steps you know how to retrieve your Windows XP.

1. Http:// enter the site and download the ISO disc in the PRO version.

2. Copy the downloaded file to a CD. This will create a bootable disk EBCD.

3. Insert the CD into the PC, making sure that the first BIOS boot drive is the CD or DVD.

4. Turn on the PC, and type any key when prompted to read the CD.

5. Select option 5 which is used for key recovery. Follow the instructions.

6. After completing the previous step, showing all PC users. Choose your username and follow the instructions. Enter your username, enter the password with * to accept or any key you want.

7. When finished, type the file changes and SAM hive. Then I asked to leave.

8. Remove the CD and restart the PC. No password or you'll enter the new.

9. Now you can create the key you want for that account.