Download applications for BlackBerry

Although today it seems the world is divided between iPhone and Android devices, the reality is that in the smartphone market, BlackBerry remains one of the most important players, both in hardware Applications.

Obviously the number of applications BlackBerry is much lower than its rivals "cool" but that does not mean that there are no good options for users of all kinds, which can update and customize their computers with no problem.

Considering this, today we decided to present some of the best applications for BlackBerry.

1. Connectivity
The connection speed is one of the strongest points BlackBerry and thanks to this RIM offers a significant number of applications to enhance the online experience, especially on social networks, through this smartphone.

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Viigo
  • AOL Instant Messenger

2. News
With the new equipment BlackBerry We can hear the best news channels anywhere. In this case we leave the implementation of one of the most popular news channels of the moment, including news, statistics and more.

  • Bloomberg

3. Trapster
This very interesting application, but can also be considered illegal in some places, and to detect any threats on the street, and police are sensors, radars, red light cameras and more.

  • Trapster

4. Travel
For all who do not benefit much from the unexpected trips or always want to be informed, this application is perfect to offer an impressive amount of resources, such as flight schedules and availability of hotels.

  • WorldMate Live

5. Music
Pointing to everyone who uses your smartphone as a music device, there are several interesting applications which control all our favorite radio stations or songs you have loaded into memory.

  • Pandora Radio