Se7en RT Lite, how to run faster Windows 7

Se7en RT Lite is a free program that allows us to customize all the "corners" of Windows 7 for it to work optimized and much faster.

When we installed Windows 7 the first time probably noticed that it ran much faster than previous versions of Windows, but with use, it becomes increasingly slow and heavy.

To stop and solve that problem, a program called Se7en RT Lite returning to our Windows 7 extremely light, light.


The secret Se7en RT Lite first is to analyze our operating system and logs all applications that have installed native Windows 7. From there it begins to suggest changes or if you prefer we can allow Se7en RT Lite do all changes automatically.

The truth is that in my test computer I noticed a good improvement in operation of Windows 7. The reason is that Se7en RT Lite has removed many programs (processes) that do not use. Download Se7en RT Lite