SysMetrix, analyzing your PC performance

SysMetrix is one of the Freeware we appreciate very much for your help. SysMetrix allows depth understanding of the performance of your PC both software and hardware.

One of the freeware software I've been using the data on any computer is Speeccy, The brother software CCleaner. But I have found more complete SysMetrix.

While Speeccy is a software that can be very useful for the average user SysMetrix is designed more for advanced users or technicians.


SysMetrix provides a total of 60 different parameters to test or analyze the performance of our hardware and software you have running.

We just have to put to work SysMetrix and it will analyze in depth the reaction of the CPU and GPU to see how they respond to a particular job.

SysMetrix has an intuitive interface, so you need not read any tutorial, but it does require some technical knowledge to understand the results. Download SysMetrix