LessMeeting controls the office from home

LessMeeting is an interesting application to conduct our meetings with the team quickly, safely and efficiently.

With the options on this web application we can work with all kinds of elements of planning, monitoring and development meeting But also has charts and gauges of productivity and efficiency, is the dream of every entrepreneur who wants to have control over the business development without wasting time.'


Since discontinue work in the office for a meeting always means a waste of time Now you can perform these activities in an automated fashion.

One of the main features of this application, targeted for entrepreneurs, is the possibility offered to configure the Microsoft Outlook application options, So we have the latest information of the company in a matter of seconds and we handle the variables to save time.

With LessMeeting not just about reducing the time spent in meetings, also is a very elegant and colorful. You can organize content labels, have at hand information about the team and it is a free application, you can open up to 3 free accounts to maximize the chances of LessMeeting, saves time and maximizes your meetings effectiveness in the office. Link