Recommended sites for students

Many teachers still believe that the network is only one place where students waste time, but the reality is that the Internet offers all kinds of tools virtually anything that anyone can study.

Considering the almost infinite amount of information, the Internet has become the perfect aid for students worldwide but information overload can also become a problem if we know we are looking for.

For all those who have encountered this problem, we leave a small list of some of the best places for students Where they can find help for subjects like math, science and more.


This is one of the best educational sites on the network, by mixing learning methods with the latest technology. Thanks to this Babbel may be a network while providing tools to improve writing and vocabulary of its users.

Alpha Wolfram

WA is a tool to compute answers to all sorts of questions. To achieve this, the system uses different models of knowledge, information and algorithms that represent the knowledge in the real world.


One of the favorite sites for teachers, allows students Tutor2u find notes and lessons from a large number of subjects such as economics, business, politics, business, law, sociology, history and more.


The best place for students of mathematics, Mathaway helps you solve all sorts of problems in seconds, with particular emphasis on algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and all the world of mathematics.


This is a tool that helps users expand their vocabulary by using all kinds of techniques. Each user can track their progress, explore new words and discuss their highest and lowest points.